Exclusion/Return to Work after illness

Staff should not return to work until they have been free of gastro-intestinal symptoms(vomiting/diarrhoea) for 48 hours. Staff who have been taking anti-diarrhoeal medication should not return to work until they have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours after stopping the use of the medication.

Certain infections including dysentery, E.coli O157, typhoid and paratyphoid require formal exclusion and then medical clearance before returning to food handling duties. A 'Return to Work Questionnaire' that may be used for this purpose can be found at the end of this sub-section.

Please note that some individuals may have medical conditions that cause changes to bowel habits and which are not associated with a risk of infection. In such cases, only a change in bowel habit associated with a possible infection should be considered as significant.