To effectively manage the Personal Hygiene part of your HACCP based system and using the information in this sub-section for guidance, go to the next page and write a list of House Rules covering Personal Hygiene for your business.

Here is an example of how you could write your House Rules:

• Control Measures and Critical Limits
• Monitoring including frequency
Protective Clothing
  • All staff working in the food preparation area must wear the protective clothing provided
  • Staff must ensure that their protective clothing is sent for laundering at the end of each working day


Once you have completed your House Rules for Personal Hygiene, you must then monitor their use. Keep a record of the monitoring you carry out. This can be done by using the Weekly Record. (refer to the Records Section in this manual)

Corrective Action

If you find that your Personal Hygiene House Rules are not being followed you must make a record of the problem you have identified and the action you have taken to correct it. This information can also be entered in the Weekly Record.

The training given in Personal Hygiene should be recorded on the training record. An example of a training record can be found in the Training House Rules sub-section of this manual.

It is required that all records of monitoring and any corrective action(s) taken be kept for an appropriate period of time, to demonstrate that your HACCP based system is working effectively.

Action Plan

Once you have completed all your House Rules, remember to update your Action Plan.

The Personal Hygiene House Rules are an essential component of your HACCP based system and must be kept up to date at all times. Your House Rules need to be written to accurately reflect how you run your business and be readily understood by all of your food handling staff.