My Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram

A Flow Diagram can help you to identify all of the process steps in your business, from 'purchase of food' through to 'service to your customers'. By creating a Flow Diagram of your catering operation, you will be able to break your processes down into component parts - called process steps.

You will now complete your flow diagram which will generate your list of required HACCP charts, House Rules and Records. You can return to these anytime via 'My System' if your system or requirements change.

  1. Start at the top of the Flow Diagram template and look at each process step in turn, deciding whether it applies in your business. If you do carry out a process step, tick that process step box.
  2. At some process steps you will need to make a further choice, e.g. 'Refrigerated Storage' and/or 'Frozen Storage' and/or 'Ambient Storage'.

Important - Your Flow Diagram should accurately reflect every process step in your business.